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Emerald Forest Expeditions

Pacaya Samiria
National Park

Emerald Forest Expeditions: The basins of the Pacaya and Samiria rivers have been protected by the Peruvian government since 1940: a 5-million acre reserve with over 132 species of mammals, 13 of which are primates.

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Jungle Survival

Survival: Bring your friends and family for an adventure camping expedition OR challenge your mind, body and Spirit on our Ultimate Jungle Survival.

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Video Locations

Video location & fixer services: Full service production services from Peru's Andes Mountains to the most remote rainforest. Our expert naturalist guides can coordinate filming shoots of any length or duration, and of any subject, throughout Peru's rainforest and Andes Mountains

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Music Expedition 2024

Our AMAZON COME TOGETHER! Music Expedition visits Awajún communities in the nortern rainforest of Peru. Followed by a 10-day trip on the Marañón River from the town of Santa Maria de Nieva aboard a 70-passenger–cargo ship to the Amazon River jungle port of Iquitos. Along the way our 66-hours of Music.


Services provided by Amazonas Conservation Initiative & Emerald Forest Expeditions, Iquitos Peru.
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