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Shubet Mountain
Chachapoyas Peru
Kuelap Fortress
EXP / Davarian Hall
Shubet Mountain Explorers atop the Kuelap Ruins surveying the Vilaya Valley of Chachapoyas.

Kuelap Fortress ruins
Chachapoyas: Shubet Mountain, Peru's "Land of the Cloud People"
The winding rivers and creek beds carve the terrain, headwaters of fuel for the mighty Amazon River. The few and far between roads and paths scar a landscape where ancient civilizations arose and fell. Remote and oasitic stone ruins hide beneath the bromeliads. A journey to Chachapoyas, Land of Cloud Peoples, and mysteries marked deep in a lost civilization that cries for discovery.

Expedition to Shubet Mountain

Tonkini Waterfalls
Pongo de Mainique Peru Pongo de Mainique Peru
Our boat jerked quick to the side. At the bow I could see the whirlpool of foaming water in its fight against the outboard motor of our 10-meter canoe. The fern encrusted canyon walls, a sheer 1000 feet, closed in to our sides blocking the morning sunshine. The angry waters of the Urubamba River, birthed from the snowcapped peaks of the Andes, charged head-on to a portal just 50 meters wide through the mountain ahead.

Pongo de Mainique Peru

Manu Amazon
Enowapi: Black Lagoon Peru
Bon Bon, Indian explorer that he is, took this opportunity to follow a quest searching an area he drew from legends handed down by the local Indian shamans. Knowing that with only the highest river waters would Enowapi be accessible...Bon Bon persisted. Now a month later Bon Bon would lead us to our destiny:

Enowapi: Black Lagoon Peru

Matis Indians (Cat People) in the jungle. © Dan Pantone  
The Matis Indians are a recently discovered tribe living on the border of Brazil and Peru (Yavarí River). They are one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes on the planet.

Learn how you can become an honorary member of the Movement in the Amazon for Tribal Subsistence and Economic Sustainability (MATSES) at:

more information about Amazonia Indians:

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Discoveries above the Clouds: National Geographic Adventure June 2000 by Robert Earle Howells photography by Gordon Wiltsie

Peruvian Hideaway: National Geographic Adventure October 2000 by Wayne Mayer photography by Davarian Hall

Quest for the Lost Tombs: National Geographic September 2000 by Peter Lerche photography by Gordon Wiltsie

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Gordon Wiltsie's Photography

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Ranrapalca © Beto Santillan 
Beto Santillan photography of the Peruvian Andes.
Beto Santillan Photography
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