Expedition to the Shubet Mountain: Chachapoyas Peru
Expedition Adventure Peru travel
Chachapoyas Peru

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Expedition Adventure Peru travel
Our Expedition Objective: The Vilaya region of forested tributary valleys east of the Maranon River in the department of Amazonas, Peru.

Map of Shubet Expedition Route:
Expedition begins at the "Chillo Lodge".

Map of Shubet Expedition Route

With a vista overshadowing one of the deepest mountain gorges in Peru rises one of the highest mountains in Amazonas, "Shubet". At well over 12,000 feet Shubet can be seen from all of the valleys which form the Vilaya region.
Shubet Mountain
In an unmistakable presence, Shubet stands topped with a huge stone monolith 500 feet high. Local legend whispers the monolith to be hollow with a city inside. Shamans and curanderos were said to make secret pilgrimages to the summit to harvest magical herbs. What was this stone monolith? Why were stone walls built to fortify such a remote and inaccessible mountain summit? Our Journey for answers was to begin.
Leading the expedition: Archaeologist Peter Lerche, a mountain savvy explorer and authority on the religious world of pre-Inca Chachapoya.  
Peter Lerche
Peter Lerche

The Chachapoyas People excelled as an isolated agricultural society from 800 AD until their conquest by the Incas in the 1570's. The origin of the name Chachapoyas was possibly a variation of Sacha Poya, which means "Cloud People" in Quechua, the language of the Incas. In a possible effort to maximize the utilization of cultivatable lands, the Chachapoyas built their cities, monuments, and massive stone fortresses on the summits of mountains.

In concurance with the conquest of the Chachapoyas by the Incas, European diseases ravaged the native population. By the end of the 1500's the Chachapoyas Peoples were gone. Their lands, culture, cities, and fortresses once one of South America's most populative and progress civilizations, disappeared into the mountain mists. Only in the last 20 years has the grandeur of the Chachapoyas People begun to come to light with the archaeological excavation of Kuelap.

Kuelap Mountain Fortress
Keulap, a mountaintop fortress city, rivals any ruins in the new world complete with living quarters for thousands of residents and a most impressive stone wall fortification reaching 60 feet high in circumference to the city. Surrounding Kuelap lies the mountainous and remote Vilaya Region.
The Players: A motley crowd of photographers, mountain climbers, archaeologists, writers, and Adventurers all. Soon to be lashed by the harsh, unpredictable elements of the Andes. A testing of our wills yet a bringing together to a comradeship in exploration not only of the ancient Cloud Peoples but also of our own Spirit now at the door of Mystery and Challenge.
Shubet Explorers
Shubet Explorers.

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