Expedition to the Shubet Mountain: Chachapoyas Peru
Expedition Adventure Peru travel
Chachapoyas Peru

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Story & Photography © Davarian
Expedition Adventure Peru travel
Some men and women dream to Explore…
mountain summit
To challenge their bodies, to strengthen their minds. To find within themselves their Spirit in harmony with mankind's past and present. Perhaps for a brief moment touch the future in joy with our Earth.
Flying over the Andes Mountains has always been more than an exciting experience for me. 4500+ miles of continuous and seemingly endless valleys, deep rock gorges and ice-capped mountain peaks rising from the Caribbean Sea stretching the length of South America to a descent into the Antarctic Regions.
Andes Mountains
The winding rivers and creek beds carve the terrain, headwaters of fuel for the mighty Amazon River. The few and far between roads and paths scar a landscape where ancient civilizations arose and fell. Remote and oasitic stone ruins hide beneath the bromeliads, festering my imagination, driving my curiosity again to visit a land of Cloud Peoples and Mysteries. A journey this day to Chachapoyas, marked deep in a lost civilization that cries for discovery, giving freely of questions and demanding vigilance by the traveler in a quest for answers.


Map of Peru

The Chachapoyas Region and Vilaya Valleys
in the Department of Amazonas, Peru.

Map of Northern Peru

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