Expedition to the Shubet Mountain: Chachapoyas Peru
Expedition Adventure Peru travel
Chachapoyas Peru

Expedition Adventure Peru travel
Directory of Photography.

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    Intro5: Karen Ma's Photography!
  • Everyone...except Gordon and Kit!
  • Ann
  • Ann and Karen with DogWithNoName
  • Cliffs of Shubet
  • Peter Lerche
  • Karen and New Friend

    Shubet6: Arrival Chuylon Peru.
  • Breakfast in the High Andes
  • Bob and Carlton breaking camp
  • Bob, Alex and Karen on the trail
  • Ben talking to School Teacher in Chuylon

    Shubet7: Chuylon Peru.
  • Chuylon Village Square
  • Chuylon Adobe Church
  • Flowers in the Andes
  • Campsite on Chuylon soccer field

    Shubet9: Chuylon to Yomblon Peru.
  • Ann and Paul at early morning breakfast
  • Getting ready to pack up and move out
  • On the trail to Yomblon
  • River stream in the Andes
  • Jamey gets a close look at the river

    Shubet11: Yomblon Peru.
  • Andes Mountain Village of Yomblon
  • Ann and Ben with school children
  • Peruvian horsemen
  • Yomblon Church

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Credits are Due Here!

Dr. Peter Lerche, President The Camayoc Foundation. Camayoc is founded to respond to the urgent need for conservation of the archaeological sites and natural environment of the Amazonas Department of Peru.


Dr. Paul Beaver of Amazonia Expeditions.


Kit Herring, adventure traveller and most excellent friend.
Kit's website: Kitherring.com


To All the Men and Women of the Shubet Expedition: True Adventurers in Spirit with our Earth.


And Especially:
DogWithNoName (DWNN).
Who took on the Shubet Journey Leading the Way, always with his tail in Wag.



And I get some credit...
I brought the deck of cards.
If you play hearts against Gordon, watch out, he's a shark.