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 Through the Lens, with the Pen, within the Spirit;
the chance, fortune, danger, luck, and power of Adventure beckons.
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The passage is Vision, Imagination, and Perseverance. The map is drawn within the sunset, etched amongst the stars.
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CUBA Music Adventure  1-305-215-6182

Music from the Cuban People 2017

Music and culture exchange in support of the Matanzas Children's Home (Matanzas Cuba).

We start out in Havana with music gigs and interviews with srtreet performers & musicians in small clubs. Then onto Matazas to meet with the children and local muscians. More music as we go cross country to Guantanamo City and Santiago. A 14-day music trek:
If you would like to help support our mission or join us, please contact me!

Matanzas Children's Home The Children's home in Matanzas has been sponsored and supported by the friends and partners of "Friends To Cuba" for the past four years. During that time, numerous changes have been undertaken. New washrooms, showers, windows, doors, fans in every room, kitchen appliances, new laundry room with a new washer, a new chest freezer and numerous supplies for the home and children to name a few. With the valued support of many friends and partners and the visitors to the children's home, all of these changes have been made possible.

Matanzas Children Matanzas Children

Amazon Jungle Music Odyssey

Hope for the rainforest

Amazonas – An Amazon Jungle Music Odyssey - Documentary Film
Music/culture/adventure docu-series following the exploits and camaraderie of a motley band of eXtreme musicians on an odyssey into local culture and music of Peru’s Amazon jungle heralding those who work to save the rainforest. Impromptu gigs with jungle musicians ending with a concert with one of the most remote Indian communities in the Amazon.

Visit our Facebook & Please Like Us!: Amazon Jungle Music Odyssey

LOCATIONS by Davarian

"Naked & Afraid" Florida Everglades
Production Services & Logistics provided by Davarian
Alligators, snakes, oh my!

"Naked & Afraid" Peruvian Amazon
Production Services & Logistics provided by Davarian
On the remote & wild Yanayacu de Yacapana River, Amazon River Peru

Watch Discovery Channel's "Naked & Afraid" on YouTube: Naked & Afraid

Washington Post, By Steve Hendrix, "After the Falls" : Chachapoyas Peru
Gocta Waterfall
Travel Logistics provided by Davarian

Slate Magazine, by Joshua Foer : Peruvian Amazon
"On the Trail of a 40-Foot Anaconda"
Travel Logistics provided by Davarian

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Shubet Mountain
Chachapoyas Peru
Kuelap Fortress
EXP / Davarian Hall
Shubet Mountain Explorers atop the Kuelap Ruins surveying the Vilaya Valley of Chachapoyas.

Kuelap Fortress ruins
Chachapoyas: Shubet Mountain, Peru's "Land of the Cloud People"
The winding rivers and creek beds carve the terrain, headwaters of fuel for the mighty Amazon River. The few and far between roads and paths scar a landscape where ancient civilizations arose and fell. Remote and oasitic stone ruins hide beneath the bromeliads. A journey to Chachapoyas, Land of Cloud Peoples, and mysteries marked deep in a lost civilization that cries for discovery.

Expedition to Shubet Mountain

Tonkini Waterfalls
Pongo de Mainique Peru Pongo de Mainique Peru
Our boat jerked quick to the side. At the bow I could see the whirlpool of foaming water in its fight against the outboard motor of our 10-meter canoe. The fern encrusted canyon walls, a sheer 1000 feet, closed in to our sides blocking the morning sunshine. The angry waters of the Urubamba River, birthed from the snowcapped peaks of the Andes, charged head-on to a portal just 50 meters wide through the mountain ahead.

Pongo de Mainique Peru

Manu Amazon
Enowapi: Black Lagoon Peru
Bon Bon, Indian explorer that he is, took this opportunity to follow a quest searching an area he drew from legends handed down by the local Indian shamans. Knowing that with only the highest river waters would Enowapi be accessible...Bon Bon persisted. Now a month later Bon Bon would lead us to our destiny:

Enowapi: Black Lagoon Peru

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Discoveries above the Clouds: National Geographic Adventure June 2000 by Robert Earle Howells photography by Gordon Wiltsie

Peruvian Hideaway: National Geographic Adventure October 2000 by Wayne Mayer photography by Davarian Hall

Quest for the Lost Tombs: National Geographic September 2000 by Peter Lerche photography by Gordon Wiltsie

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 On-line Magazine Articles

 • Quest for the Lost Tombs:
    National Geographic
    September 2000
    by Peter Lerche

 • Gocta Waterfall:
    Washington Post story

Drae's Travel Journal

Gordon Wiltsie's Photography

"Through the Lens, with the Pen, within the Spirit; the chance, fortune, danger, luck, and power of Adventure beckons. The passage is Vision, Imagination, and Perseverance. The map is drawn within the sunset, etched amongst the stars. Your guides are those like yourself...on a Journey."

It was 1954 in a matinee movie theater in Clearwater, Florida. Screams screeched through the projector's flicker.

The Creature, in a choreographed underwater backstroke, inches away from our Amazon heroine as she swam across the surface of the Black Lagoon.

Synchronicity, the Beauty and the Creature From The Black Lagoon: And the stage was set for Davarian’s future in adventure travel and photography.

Following a stint as a radio technician in the USMC, Davarian studied photography/film and computer science. During frequent breaks from his mastering of darkroom special effects Davarian could be found on his sailboat on a Caribbean Island or backpacking across the Andes Mountains or by river canoes into the Amazon Rainforest.

With the advent of the World Wide Web Davarian’s expertise in computer coding, travel writing and photography led him to management positions in web site architecture, travel marketing, and logistical services for professional photographers/media organizations.

Davarian’s writings and photography have been publish in National Geographic Adventure, promotional materials for the State of Florida and the country of Peru, as well as on scores of commercial travel web sites.

Expeditions organized by Davarian include those for National Geographic, The Explorer’s Club, Slate Magazine, and the Washington Post.

Screen credits include:

Special Effects Lab Supervisor, 1986, “Dr. Otto & the Riddle of the Gloom Beam”.

Production Services, Discovery Channel, 2014, “Naked & Afraid” Amazon.

Production Services, Discovery Channel, 2015, "Naked & Afraid" Everglades.

Davarian is currently an owner in the Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center:

Founder of Davarian’s Expedition Photography,

Director for World Class Travel Services in Gainesville Florida.

Davarian lives with his wife, Drae, of 40-years, with 3-dogs and 6-cats on their private wildlife reserve in Kentucky.

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